Caldwell Exempted Village School District
Introduction to the PreK-12 Notification System

PreK-12 Notification is a telephone and email messaging service that will be used by CEVSD to quickly and effectively communicate important school news to parents. Parents can receive all urgent and non-urgent announcements throughout the school year.

Parent accounts are already created with your home number entered, but parents can enter up to three more numbers and email addresses to be notified from.

Using PreK-12 Notification, you'll always have timely information about school:

  • Emergencies
  • Closings, delays and early dismissals
  • General reminders

To get started using the system you must first create a pin. You can do this simply by calling the Family Hotline at 1-800-846-4976 from your home number.

You will hear a welcome message and have the following options to choose from:

  1. Most recent messages sent from your school
  2. Manage Emergency contact information,  create or change your pin information
  3. More information – About PreK-12 Notification

If you press 2 and this is your first time using the system:

                You will be prompted to create a pin (4 Numeric numbers)

If you have already created a pin you will hear this menu:

  1. Change your pin code
  2. Add, change, or delete numbers
  3. Add or delete email addresses

After creating your pin you can also manage your contact information from the web at:             

Click on Call Notification on the menu bar

Use your 10 digit home phone number for your ID and your recently created pin to access the system.

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