animated_busSnow Route Schedules (click here) for the 2012-2013 school year.
The Snow Route Schedules are to be used for extreme cases; only after a severe weather event and only after the superintendent makes the public announcement stating that “Caldwell Buses will be running Snow Routes today”. The telephone parent notification program, local radio stations and the school district webpage will all be used to notify parents of this decision. 


The list lets you know where and approximately when your bus driver will pick up your child on a day that SNOW ROUTE scheduling will be implemented.   Please plan to arrive at the alternate pick up point 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. If a bus number and bus driver is not listed, that route has no changes and should be running at near normal time.

There may be a day when you feel that your road condition is too poor to travel to the alternate pick up point.  Telephone the school and your child will be excused.

Remember that when you transport your child to an alternate morning pick up point, the school bus will also take your child there in the afternoon for drop off.  You will have to make arrangements to meet the bus there to pick up your child.

Please be aware that there may be days when your bus driver still may not travel your road due to its condition.  Most other roads may be in better condition and we have not implemented the Snow Route Schedule.  Communicating with your driver may help with this issue, but be aware that sometimes drivers do not make the decision about traveling a road until they have already begun their route for that day.

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