Caldwell Honors for Students
November 3, 2014
CHS 5:30 PM

Attending: President Schehl, VP Brown, Treasurer Hall, Beth Gaydos and Secretary Snyder


Minutes: read and approved


Treasurer’s Report:  Deposit $300= $250 in Memory Viva McConnell and $50 check from All Alumni Judy McMullen. 5 book reimbursements paid out, stamp and envelopes $161.22 paid out for membership drive, 2 Interest Payments= $.19 & $.23.


Administrative Report: list left on table for group to review and the group decided everything on this list was for other groups to cover so it was decided to offer the Teacher Grants again so that teachers could present their requests, up to $500 total.


Brittany King of the Class of 2013 inquired of the process to get her reimbursement and Treasurer Hall gave her the information.


New Business: Group stuffed and stamped envelopes for the membership drive.


Old Business: Membership Drive $875 collected so far, including $500 from the new hotel- even before the membership drive went out.


Action Items: Secretary will print Teacher Grant forms and membership brochures and drop off to the Guidance Counselor and ask him to place one of each in all the teacher mailboxes. The forms will need to be turned in by December 15th and decided upon at the January meeting. Teachers have to be members in order to be considered.



Next meeting: January 5, 5:30 PM

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