Caldwell Honors for Students

May 1, 2017

Caldwell High School

Attending: President Schehl, Vice President Gaydos, Treasurer Hall, Guidance Counselor Seebach, Secretary Snyder

Minutes: read, moved to approve and approved by GC Seebach, seconded by Treas. Hall and approved by all

Treasurer’s Report: Donation $250= Business Membership and several In-Memory donations by Beth Saling, paid one book reimbursement $200, interest of $.19 and $.21 added, John Cline processed IRS paperwork for the group- nothing to do until balance reached $25,000.00.


  • 40 1st-time academic letters and 54 bars prepared to give at Awards Assembly on May 19th at 9 AM, President Schehl will attend and co-present with GC Seebach.
  • Done with testing, ready to schedule next year’s classes, Graduation coming up

New Business:

  • 21 Book Reimbursement Applications turned in, group voted to pay all 21 when requirements are met and requested for
  • Awards Assembly: honor all those who have given $200 or more as they are considered Book Reimbursement Donors
  • Nomination process: no new members attending, officers stay the same:
  • President: Allan Schehl
  • Vice President: Beth Gaydos
  • Treasurer: Martin Hall
  • Secretary: Vickie Snyder
  • Guidance Counselor representing Administration: Justin Seebach

Old Business:

Not seen any receipts from John Crum, art teacher in regards to Teacher Grant reimbursement yet

Action Items:

  • Secretary to put list of Members in the Journal as a Thank You
  • Vice President to contact secretary with any address changes/additions before September meeting
  • Do something special for Susan Gibeaut for her work with the Students of the Grading Period

Next meeting: September 11, 5:30PM, November 6th meeting will be Membership Drive Worknight


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