Caldwell Band Parents/Boosters Meeting

Minutes from the January 15, 2013

President Jenny Rucker called the 7:00 meeting to order. Present were officers Cherish Ditch, Jim Cooper, Tresa Patten, Beth Cain, and Janet Powers. There were 5 parents and 4 students present.

Jenny read the November Minutes for a very sick Janet Powers. Jim made a motion to accept the minutes and Tresa seconded it. The motion passed.

Cherish stated that there is still diet pop, pixie sticks, and a box of nacho chips left. She wants to get into the Band Stand early and make a different set up. The hot water tank is missing. As new parents of band students come into the band-please put them on the band stand list.

Jim Cooper gave the Treasurer’s Report. 3 of the 4 winners from the November 200 Club donated back their money. Mr. P signed for 9 flash drives at Gillespies. We netted $155.00 from the poinsettia sale. (See the report for the balance). Davette excitedly made a motion to accept the report and Beth seconded it with so much joy!

December 200 Club winners

#94 Nellie Chandler

#65 Jenny Cress

#18 Ladies Auxiliary (Eagles)

# 88 Becky Hendershot

January 200 Club winners

#45 Terry Rataiczak

#20 Noble Collision

#17 Mike and Kathy Crum

#54 Franklin Powers

#111 Debbie Cain

Beth gave a report on the points earned by the students. The point report will be taken from Beth and given to the Treasurer, Jim Cooper.

There are only 2 banquets this year. The next one will be the Honor’s Banquet.

There was a suggestion for a clipboard to be placed in all areas to sign in to work. Please sign parent’s and student’s names on the paper. (This is due to the different names of parents and students).

There was discussion about the points being useless, since we all have to pitch in to help. We need to have point accountability. We need to get other parents involved to help get band member their 50 points. We need to form a committee to revamp the points system. Each function is at least 6 hrs and the band student gets only 5 points. Banquets can be up to 12 hrs and still they get 5 points. We need more value for the more difficult activities. Tresa stated that the banquets are crazy! Jim, Beth, Roger, and Davette will be on the committee. They will meet before the next meeting.

The Officers will go on the trip with the kids, their payment is covered. They can pick someone to take their place on the trip.

The company gave us the uniform pants that were messed up. The other ones are not in yet. They should be here by the first of March.

Davette will be our back-up plan for the fundraisers.  There was a discussion about the poinsettias. They came from Angel’s Greenhouse. Not many were sold. We missed out on local businesses and churches. Suggestions: Mid-Way, grave blankets, wreaths, swags, and poinsettias. Davette will be in charge of fundraisers.

We can make up to $200-300 if we do the Community yard sale at St. Stephens’ Catholic Church. 2-3 people can do it. Anyone want to help? We will need crafts, baked goods, and etc. towards the end of February.

There was a suggestion to put together a band calendar explaining what we do each month and the kind of work we do. Poinsettia sale should be the 1st of October, Avon sale at Easter, etc. T-shirts with instruments and sweatpants were discussed. We could sell t-shirts at the alumni banquet to former bandies.

We will need videos of parades and games of the upcoming season.

We had the 3rd and final reading of the change to a 5 year rotation for trips. Roger made a motion to vote and Davette seconded it. The motion passed.

On the no trip year, maybe we could do a bonfire for them.

Point clarification: If it states mandatory for banquets and there is a no-show- students will receive a negative 5 points (-5).  Students must communicate why they will NOT be at the banquet.

If we had 25 parents and 6 football games, then each family would need to work 3 games. We need 1 adult for every 3 kids at the fair.

Seniors did NOT work this year, their trip has been tabled. No discussion.

When there is a small trip, maybe we could go to Kennywood and spend the night and then go to the waterpark the next day.

We need to start the 200 club earlier next year.

Other ideas: candy bar sale, peanut butter eggs, or bake sales at both schools.

Motion made by all to adjourn and all seconded it.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

The next meeting will be Tuesday February 19, 2013 in the High School Auditorium.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Powers





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