Purple-Ribbon-LRBattle for Bethany
Start spreading the word that the Caldwell High School Cheerleaders are sponsoring a “Battle for Bethany” benefit on April 15th

Bethany Hesson has been battling Stage 4 Lupus and Kidney Failure for some time now.  She has also been enduring rigorous chemotherapy treatments which is very taxing financially as well as emotionally on the whole family.

How can you help?  Ask people to donate items and/or money who you know would like to help out.  There will be a country store, bake sale, silent auction, 50/50 drawing and awesome food you can eat during the benefit.

What can you do as a student?  Get your friends together and enter an 8-player dodge ball team in the tournament that will go on all day in the gym.  It will cost $40 a team or $5 a player to enter, and you must have at least 2 girls on a team.  There will be double elimination in case you have a bad game and a prize for the team that comes up with the coolest ‘theme” or “name” and has the snazziest uniforms.

In case you can’t be there and would like to donate some money – no matter how small the amount—you can go to People’s Bank and tell them to put it under the Hesson family’s account.

The doors open at noon and the dodgeball tournament starts at 1:00 so you’ll have time to go to church, eat in the cafeteria, and then show ‘em who’s boss in the dodgeball tournament.

For more information, you can call Debbie Schockling at 732-5961 or 509-1008.

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