Increasing Rigor-

What does it mean?

As standards increase at each grade level students are expected to show their knowledge in new ways. Students need to apply their knowledge to multi-step problems and explain their work verbally and in writing. You can help your students in many ways:

  • Read to and with your children. Ask them questions about the text.
  • Read Fiction and Non-Fiction. Ask your students for opinions and ask them to defend their answers.
  • Talk with your students about what they are doing in school. Ask probing questions and dig into details. Contact the teachers if your student won’t give you information to get discussion topics.

Experience, Experience, Experience.  Students who do better have a richer vocabulary developed through experiences. Go to a play, museum, read the newspaper, visit a big city, go to the zoo.

  • Practice math skills. Fluency isn’t just for reading! Students need to develop math fluency as well so they can apply math. No longer do students only practice math facts; they need to apply these facts in problem solving. Practice math facts every night to build fluency at home.
    • Practice typing on the keyboard and not just text-typing with thumbs. Students will have to complete standardized testing on-line soon. In fact, we are piloting the PARCC in our building with the 4th grade in the Spring.
    • To learn more about increasing Rigor research Bloom’s taxonomy to learn about higher order thinking and questioning.  To learn more about the Common Core State Standards or the new types of assessments, go to the ODE website:
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