SEPTEMBER 10, 2018


ATTENDING: President Schehl, VP Gaydos, Treasurer Hall, GC Seebach, Teacher Mindy Theobald and Secretary Snyder


MINUTES: read and approved by group


TREASURERS REPORT: paid last of Shane Hall Memorial, 4 months’ interest + $.22, $.23, $.20, $.21, paid John Crum for Teacher Grant on pottery wheel, paid 6 book reimbursements



► GC Seebach sent out email to all CES and CHS teachers that this group could disband if not enough interest is shown to keep it going.

► Outdoor Learning Area nearly completed – GC Seebach has placed sand, and pavers down in a fenced in area for picnic tables for an outdoor learning area for students/teachers to utilize. The school treasurer has stated the school will pick up the expenses gone over budget a bit- need a few more pavers yet. Signs for Less donated a banner.

► Students of the Grading Period should continue on as it has in the past.


► Teacher Grant – wait to see if any teacher joins and inquires of the grant

► NHS dues –wait to see if they inquire for donation to pay their national dues

► Yearbook Ad- wait to see if they inquire for donation to pay for an ad in the yearbook



► November will be work night to stuff fundraiser mailing. VP Gaydos worked on addresses during the meeting and gave to Sec. Snyder to update and print labels for mailing at work meeting.

► GC Seebach may email Golf Port Energy and Fresh Start Flooring our brochure for our fundraising efforts for 2019.



► Sec. Snyder will pick up stamps and envelopes for fundraiser work night in November- and will update the brochure to the new principal’s name and email to Troy Abrams to post new brochure on our Honors page on the school’s webpage.

NEXT MEETING: November 5th, 5:30 in high school – work night to stuff envelopes for fundraising efforts for 2019

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