Caldwell Honors for Students

Caldwell High School

January 7



President Schehl, VP Gaydos, Treasurer Hall, Secretary Snyder and Mindy Theobald


Read and approved by group

Treasurer’s report:

DQ new check did clear, new deposits $690 and $800 from new membership drive, CD rolled over 11/12/18. Interest paid on checking $.20 and $.18, $200 check to Secretary Snyder for 4 rolls of stamps (price of stamps to increase $.05 each January 27, 2019) for future mailings.

Administrative Report:

None, as GC not in attendance

New Business:

Teacher Grant: John Crum, art teacher, only application submitted. Mr. Crum has not yet paid his dues to the organization- once dues are paid and proof of purchase given to Honors Treasurer Hall, the $500 of the $508 requested can be paid.

Kenny Ingram and Emerald Kowalski were present to request money to help cover food on a Skills USA trip to Washington DC on January 20-25, 2019. The amount of $250 is needed, $125 per student. The other student is Emily Bowen. Both girls were elected regional officers and this is a high honor for students at the vocational school. Our group decided we would cover this cost if the vocational school did not cover it.

Old Business:

Membership mailing address file is an ongoing work to remove addresses from returned mailings, to add new businesses, change names as appropriate, etc. Reviewed and marked for changes needed.

Action Items:

Secretary will tally the new membership drive donations. So far our membership drive has $1,800 brought in, far less than last year which was over $5,000.

President Schehl will visit with school treasurer Croucher to see if any checks were sent to the administrative offices as had happened before.

Next Meeting:


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