PTO Meeting

November 3, 2016


President Abby Crock called the 7:00 meeting to order.  Officers Kristen Long, Kristen Huck, Heather Saling, Ashley Reiter, teachers/staff Torie Briggs, Janet Crum, Tiffany Speck, Rebecca Johnson, Mindy Theobald, Marlena Kress, Katie Lori, Kristi McMurray, Amy Cline, and 7 additional parents were in attendance.

The minutes of the October meeting were read and approved by Reese Hallowell and 2nd by Heather Saling.


Treasurer Kristen Long gave the treasurers report. It was approved by Kim Chandler and 2nd by Heather Saling.


Stacey Lowe mailed in over 7800 box tops. The check should arrive sometime in December. The winners of the October Box top contest and winners of Arby's gift cards were Aubreigh Mizik, Westin Forshey, Stephanie Wells, and Colin Huck.


Several smencils were donated for principal's pride awards. It was mentioned that it may be a good idea to take a small break from selling smecils.


Finishing touches are being put on the Fall Festival, volunteers are still needed.


Community Christmas will be held Sunday, November 13th from 10-4. Lori Miller's Christmas tree will be used for decoration. A volunteer to play Santa is still needed.


In new business, a fall fundraiser t-shirt sale is being organized. Darla Haas is putting together an order form that will home with students before Thanksgiving break. Orders will be in by Christmas break.


A winter Soup-er Bowl cook-off was discussed with a tentative date of January or February.


A dinner for the teachers at the February parent teacher conferences was discussed. Motion made by Torie Briggs and 2nd by Janet Crum. It was mentioned that food center may be able to cater. More details will be discussed later.


A discussion was also held about teacher aids participating in the wish list funded by the PTO. Abby was going to look back in previous minutes to see if it had ever been voted on.


Jamie Hendershot made a motion to adjourn and 2nd by Heather Saling.


Next meeting will be on December 1st at 7pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Kristen Huck


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