Caldwell Honors for Students
Caldwell High School
March 5, 2018


Attending: VP Gaydos, Treasurer Hall, Secretary Snyder, Art Teacher John Crum, Special Ed Teacher John Milone

Minutes: read and moved to approve- Treasurer Hall, seconded VP Gaydos, all approved

Treasurer Report: Interest $.19 + $.22 + $.23 + $.26, #7 of 8 payments of Shane Hall Memorial paid out $500, 3 book reimbursements paid $200 to each Lindsey Furr, Alyssa Leasure and Garrett Porter, Paid $96 to Dairy Queen, CD balance $4,269.08, 4 deposits totaling $3,925 from membership drive to add to the $225 from All Alumni Reunion donations brings the Membership Drive to $4,150 and will deposit again tomorrow with additional memberships coming in, brings the balance to over $13,000. Only 7 of 21 book reimbursements have been paid both for last year’s applications as well as the year before out of 20. The students are not turning in their requests to get reimbursed.

Administrative Report: Guidance Counselor not present, Free ACT tests given at the school last year and again this year.

Old Business: Art Teacher Crum inquired if he would move forward with last year’s grant request art class order would the money still be available and it was agreed upon to reimburse him when the items are ordered and received.

New Business: paperwork submitted by NHS asking for $385 to pay 2018 national dues, in March 2016 $385 was paid to NHS and they also had another donor so the money was held over to 2017 dues… Treasurer Hall moved to pay the dues, seconded by Secretary Snyder, all in favor

Teacher Grants: Jarvis Huck requested $460 for CAD/Robotics snap circuits, Treasurer Hall moved to pay and Secretary Snyder seconded, all in favor, grant request will be paid when receipt is submitted.

Art Teacher Crum asked if the group wanted to pay for an ad in the Yearbook at $40- Secretary Snyder moved to pay and VP Gaydos seconded and all in favor, Treasurer wrote and gave the check to Mr. Crum.

Action Items:

Add to Timeline – pay NHS National dues by March meeting

Date of Awards Assembly and who will attend to present- involved Mr. Crum and Mr. Milone…

Next meeting May 7, 5:30… meeting adjourned

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