The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools Scholarship Program


Go to to see if you are interested in any of the schools and/or programs in this association.  The scholarship money is outstanding if you can find a match.  They do not require “financial need” and the GPA cut off is only a C (2.0) average.  You can find all the information and applications on this site.  Just click on the “scholarship” header at the top of the page.

If you apply, make sure you give the completed application to Mrs. Podlasiak.  She will mail the proper forms with your applicaton(s), including the ones that require a nomination by a state senator and state representative.  You will need to fill out an application for each separate scholarship that you are pursuing.

(Mrs. Podlasiak has a limited number of applications and lists of scholarships in her office.  First come, first serve. You may also get this information from their website.)

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