I wanted to send a reminder about the eTutoring services that are available free to students. ETutoring is online tutoring through eStudent Services as part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education. There are just over 30 participating schools in the collaborative from across the state of Ohio. Online tutoring is available this spring semester in the following subjects:

  • ·Mathematics
  • ·Writing
  • ·Anatomy & Physiology
  • ·Physics
  • ·Accounting
  • ·Chemistry
  • ·Psychology

Tutoring is offered throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. The schedule is accessible on the main page of Z-Online http://my.zanestate.edu. Students can check when tutors are available and for which subjects. Students can upload writing assignments at any time and tutors respond to those papers when they are available (writing tutors do not meet with students “face-to-face”). There is a step-by-step guide for accessing the site available on Z-Online on the student resources page, academic help tab, under eTutoring.

If you feel a student may benefit from these services please feel free to refer them. If you or they have any questions about the registration process or using the site they can contact myself or The Learning Center in College Hall room 175. We batch-upload all of our students with accounts at the beginning of the semester. Students have a brief process to complete to confirm their information before they use the site.

Quality is a high concern to the collaborative. Tutors go through extensive training and regular evaluation to maintain high quality standards.

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