PTO Meeting

November 6, 2014

President Abby Crock called the 3:30 meeting to order.  Present were officers Kristen Long and Stacy Lowe, teachers Mary Pangle, Jeannie Yontz, Janet Powers, Judy Brown, Jenny Rucker, Audrey Cordray, Janae Norman, Mindy Theobald, Janet Crum, Brandey Mincks, Denise Furr, principal Tiffany Speck and three additional parents.

The minutes of the October meeting were read and Janet Powers approved them as read.

Treasurer Kristen Long made a treasurer report.  She provided a break down for the fall festival.  The fall festival had a profit of $1,315.38.  The change from the pumpkin judging has not been counted yet.  The penny raffle profit was $1,540.24. There is still an outstanding bill from Food Center that will be paid. 

The fall festival was held on October 26.  Special thanks to all the volunteers and the Caldwell High School National Honor Society for helping volunteer.  The attendance and profit was down from the previous year.  It was discussed that maybe we will try to revamp the fall festival next year and try something a little different. 

Tiffany Speck reported she spoke with the school board about helping paying towards the Accelerated Reading program.  They agreed that will help pay towards the cost of the program. 

Red ribbon week was a success.  The students really responded well to the activities and events that were planned. 

PTO will do a shirt fundraiser.  The order forms will go home with students the week of Thanksgiving and need to be returned back to the school by December 5 to ensure delivery before Christmas break.  The shirts will be ordered from Your Way Graphics, owner Darla Haas. 

Janet Crum asked the PTO to donate towards a chrome book for I heart reading night.  Janet Powers made a motion to approve up to $250 towards the purchase and Brandey Mincks 2nd the motion. 

Lori Miller would like a donation to help pay for gifts and a luncheon for the Veterans Day program.  Alicia Warren made a motion to donate up to $400 for the program and Susie Schockling 2nd the motion. 

Teachers can receive $100 reimbursed from the PTO for supplies purchased if they work two events and attend 2 meetings.  Receipts need turned in no later than September for the previous year to the treasurer Kristen Long for reimbursement.  

Ideas for a new playground fundraiser were discussed.  A few teachers thought about a t-shirt with a picture of the new equipment for students and staff to purchase would be good.

Denise Furr made a motion to adjourn.  The next meeting will be December 4, 2014 at 7:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacy Lowe



Caldwell Honors for Students
November 3, 2014
CHS 5:30 PM

Attending: President Schehl, VP Brown, Treasurer Hall, Beth Gaydos and Secretary Snyder


Minutes: read and approved


Treasurer’s Report:  Deposit $300= $250 in Memory Viva McConnell and $50 check from All Alumni Judy McMullen. 5 book reimbursements paid out, stamp and envelopes $161.22 paid out for membership drive, 2 Interest Payments= $.19 & $.23.


Administrative Report: list left on table for group to review and the group decided everything on this list was for other groups to cover so it was decided to offer the Teacher Grants again so that teachers could present their requests, up to $500 total.


Brittany King of the Class of 2013 inquired of the process to get her reimbursement and Treasurer Hall gave her the information.


New Business: Group stuffed and stamped envelopes for the membership drive.


Old Business: Membership Drive $875 collected so far, including $500 from the new hotel- even before the membership drive went out.


Action Items: Secretary will print Teacher Grant forms and membership brochures and drop off to the Guidance Counselor and ask him to place one of each in all the teacher mailboxes. The forms will need to be turned in by December 15th and decided upon at the January meeting. Teachers have to be members in order to be considered.



Next meeting: January 5, 5:30 PM

animated_busSnow Route Schedules (click here) for the 2012-2013 school year.
The Snow Route Schedules are to be used for extreme cases; only after a severe weather event and only after the superintendent makes the public announcement stating that “Caldwell Buses will be running Snow Routes today”. The telephone parent notification program, local radio stations and the school district webpage will all be used to notify parents of this decision. 

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