Caldwell Honors for Students

Caldwell High School

May 7, 2018


President Schehl, Guidance Counselor Seebach, Treasurer Hall and Secretary Snyder


Approved by all

Treasurer’s Report:

Paid National Honor Society dues $385, 2 deposits of $705 and $200, PC Systems reviewed our Tax Papers at no charge again, 1 book reimbursement to 2014 class Calvin Parmiter. Wrote 2 Teacher Grant checks, 2017 John Crum $483 Art Class, 2018 Jarvis Huck $450.39 CAD class, 2 times of interest $.21 and $.22

Administrative Report:

Guidance Counselor Seeback reported there will be 54 to graduate this year. Testing is going on, Awards Assembly will be on May 11. Allan won’t be able to attend, Justin will see to the awarding of the Book Reimbursement announcements.

New Business:

Add to address list these new businesses: Healthy Fit, 214 West Street, and Caldwell Antiques LLC – 506 Cumberland Street

Old Business:

To NOTE: Highest year in memberships= $5,055; Teacher Grants paid out to date= $7,046.69; Student Book Reimbursements to date = $46,000

Action Items:

Secretary to email Membership List and Book Reimbursement $ Request Form to Guidance Counselor Seebach for info for Awards Assembly and create an ad to Thank donors in The Journal and Daily Jeffersonian newspapers

Next meeting:

September 10, 5:30 pm

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