Caldwell Honors for Students
September 11, 2017
CHS Art Room

Attending: Treasurer Hall, VP Gaydos, Guidance Counselor Seebach and Secretary Snyder

Minutes: Moved to approve GC, seconded by treasurer, all approved

Treasurer’s Report: Interest over the summer: $.20, $.23, $.18, $.21- a deposit from memberships from
the All Alumni Reunion mailing totaling $255 will be held for the 2018 membership drive, paid one book
reimbursement from 2017- Sheldon Archer, 2 from 2016 Tanner Clark and Chance Rucker, paid
installment 6 of 8 to John Crum for another semester at college from the Shane Hall memorial fund.

Administrative Report:
• Guidance Counselor Seebach prepping for Mid-East days, there are 2 foreign exchange students at
   CHS this year- one from Brazil and one from Spain
• Some CCP students had to pay back to the school around $10,000 due to failing at college classes
• GC Seebach applied for and received $1,200 grant to create an outdoor educational classroom areawith
   money from Gulf Energy and additional help from Ag Ed/Shop classes he plans to build fence
   and lay weed control in the area outside the art room between buildings.

New Business:
• Brochure was reviewed and requested to put back in the amount we have paid out to students
   through the years for Book Reimbursements
• 2018 Membership Drive- $255 will be applied and mailing prepared for November’s meeting. GC
   Seebach volunteered student’s help to stuff and seal the envelopes and fold the brochures- the
   Honors Board will label and stamp the envelopes.
• $400 requested from National Honor Society this year, didn’t find in the minutes but Treasurer
   found where we paid $385 last year to NHS for their dues- and since they had a donation from the
   Eagles that GC Seebach obtained for them- they applied it towards their dues and the money from
   Honors Board was to be held for next year’s dues. GC Seebach will check with last year’s advisor,
   Susan Gibeaut to see what that money was used for if not for this year’s dues.

Old Business:
Journal wanted to charge the group $134 to print the names of the donors from our membership drive
that we have emailed in for acknowledgement for our members for many years now… our group agreed
that the money that is donated isn’t intended for advertisement so we opted to keep it as it was printed
in June- the article without the names

Action Items:
GC Seebach to report back on what the NHS spent the $385 on- decide if NHS still needs help with their
Secretary to print brochures, labels, return labels, buy stamps & envelopes if needed and have ready for
November’s work night
Send any new addresses/changes to Sec Snyder within 2 weeks of the next meeting

Next Meeting: November 6, 5:30 CHS – Membership Work Night

Secretary V Snyder

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