CHS Staff Q and A

By: Derek Zwick

Caldwell High School Physical Education and Health Teacher Julie LaFollete

Q. Where did you receive your college education?

A. Muskingum University

Q. Is teaching Health at the high school a lot different than teaching Health at the elementary school?

A. Yes, we cover a lot more in depth at the high school and it is very fun.

Q. What is your experience like in gym when you receive new freshmen every year?

A. It’s always fun to get new kids fresh slayed.

Q. What activities do you do in gym class?

A. We play basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, Frisbee soccer, speedball, dodge ball, matt ball, whiffle ball, fitness testing, weight room and everybody’s favorite the Monday Mile.

Q. What do you like about Caldwell High School?

A. It’s a very nice place, the kids are fun and the faculty members are great to work with.

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